Regenerate Smoother Skin with a Chemical Peel

To address deeper wrinkles, a chemical peel may be the treatment of choice. A chemical peel involves applying a solution to your skin that causes the skin to exfoliate, peel away and regenerate smoother, younger-looking skin. There are varying levels of peels that can be applied to your skin depending on the aesthetic goals you wish to achieve. 

  • Mild Peel: A superficial peel can be applied to gently exfoliate your outer layer of skin that has mild discoloration or a rough texture. 
  • Medium Peel: If you want to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, freckles, mild scars, acne, etc., a medium peel will be applied to penetrate the outer and middle layers of your skin. 
  • Deep Peel: More prominent skin damage can be addressed with a deep peel that penetrates the middle layer of skin. This level of peel will provide the most dramatic results but the recovery will be longer. 

How Chemical Peels Work

First your skin is cleansed, then the correct type of chemical solution is applied to small areas of your skin. The plan is to create a controlled wound that will activate the skin’s regeneration process. As the treated skin falls away, the newly regenerated skin comes to the surface. 

Side Effects of Chemical Peels

Side effects of chemical peels can include redness (similar to a sunburn), scarring, swelling, blisters or a temporary or permanent change in skin color. If you smoke after the treatment, you could increase your risk of infection. Our doctors will assess your skin condition and medical history before recommending a chemical peel to make sure this will be a safe treatment for your skin. People with fair skin and light-colored hair are often better candidates for chemical peels because they may have less risk for developing an uneven skin tone after the treatment.

Chemical Peels Downtime

Healing after a chemical peel will depend on the type of treatment you have. Mild peels may only take 1-7 days to heal while medium or deep peels can take 7-21 days to fully heal. It’s important to realize that the skin will be red following this treatment and very sensitive to sunlight. Follow the post-treatment instructions carefully. This will include soaking the skin, applying lotions/creams/ointments, taking antiviral medications and protecting your skin from the sun for several months. 

To learn more about chemical peels in Miami, FL, or to schedule an evaluation, contact us today at (305) 661-8588. 

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